Is Cape Verde actually verde (green)?

When you think of Cape Verde, the image that comes to mind is precisely a green land all year long.

The truth is that Cape Verde is not green all year round. Actually, the green (verde) part is not directly related to the name.

Cape Verde is only green during the rainy season, which usually starts in July and lasts until October.

In this period, yes, everything is green; everything grows and blossoms, everything becomes even more magical!

Are you a fan of arid and desertic beauty? Santo Antão has a corner for you.

Do you love the abundant and green landscapes? There is also this option!

Santo Antão has a truly impressive landscape diversity, it has a green side and a dry side, but both have an abysmal beauty in an island of extraordinary size.

At Montour Cabo Verde, we have the great pleasure of transmitting and showing you the two magnificent faces of the island of Santo Antão.