Program Community Tourism
Santo Antão

Immerse yourself in the heart of local life by participating in a community tourism project im Santo Island!

We want your trip to benefit the local people by leveraging community development and responding to local issues. That is the spirit of the solidarity character of Montour Cap Vert!

Get involved in the host community, supporting specific needs identified by our local teams.

How does it work?

The principle is simple: you lead a project alongside your hosts for a few days, depending on your availability. You will always receive support, and be accompanied by a local agency with experience in the field.
The families who will host our travelers will benefit from an additional income, in a fair cycle from one family to another (all being trained to receive people according to the rules of hygiene and hospitality).
The role of travelers will be of great importance to guarantee the continuity of these projects, knowing that their stay finances the actions carried out on the ground throughout the year.

Who is it for?

Whatever your age, everyone can offer support, energy and good humor; essential to have fun and give a different meaning to your vacation!
Our actions are accessible to everyone, without the need to possess a particular skill. They simply require an open mind and heart, and a willingness to share good humor and enriching experiences!

The benefits?

Creation of local jobs within the community to accompany you on your journey. It is the ideal opportunity to establish privileged links with the locals, promoting your know-how, involving all parties in a sustainable tourism approach!


The idea of starting our community tourism project arose in order to contribute to the development of this and several other communities. The project aims to attract tourists to this community and transform it into a more autonomous, cleaner, and more aware community.


It will be through various social actions that you can contribute, such as:
• paintings in schools;
• creating a green space in schools;
• educational actions (English and/or French classes);
• environmental awareness.

The most important thing is to share knowledge, in an open and supportive way.
Our local team opens the door to its daily life and culture. At home, you will share meals with your hosts, while tasting the local specialties. Delight yourself with typical dishes from this community, cheese made by the inhabitants of Santo Antão and, of course, a small grogue or pontche produced on our beloved island.

Join Montour Cap Vert, enjoy a meaningful stay and contribute to the well-being of a loving community that needs your support for your development!

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