The real work of the Tourism Guides

If you're an avid traveler, you've already felt the consequences of unpredictable events firsthand, right?

Changes in the weather, unforeseen delays, loss of personal belongings, indisposition, among many others!

So, do you think you are aware of the importance of our Guides’ work in the field?

Although you always consider alternative plans, sometimes there are some changes that you cannot predict. There’s no such thing as perfection.

When you join Montour Cap Vert, we ask that you come with an open and flexible mind, able to accept changes and modifications in plans that are sometimes not in the guides’ control.

Because in fact, and from the experience of many guides we work with, the guide is much more than a tour guide, and sometimes he had to take on other roles besides this position.
In fact, the guide is the ambassador of tourism in Cape Verde, and it is his responsibility to share his country through his capabilities.


At Montour Cap Vert, in addition to selecting the best-trained leaders/guides, we also intend to invest in female empowerment. Women’s leadership through a caring, organized, and maternal profile contributes to the development of relationships based on empathy and responsibility.