Tourist or visitor: that is the question!

What it really means to experience a new place

Among your trips to different destinations, you probably noticed or experienced episodes of intolerance or disrespect towards local communities, right?

At Montour Cap Vert, we consider it important to adop a concept of respect, tolerance, and empathy.

Whether you are a tourist or a visitor, respect for the local culture is essential, avoiding the impositions of the lifestyle you are used to in your place of origin.

In its literal definition, tourists are considered individuals or groups of people who travel from their place of origin to a different destination. With a stay lasting more than 24 hours, in which the tourist enjoys the local infrastructure, without taking up residence, the tourist takes the opportunity to carry out leisure, sporting, and cultural activities, among others.

On the other hand, a visitor is a person who travels temporarily outside their place of origin, passing through a destination without the intention of staying there.

As the definitions themselves state, a tourist and a visitor are passing through, just observing and interiorizing the lifestyle of the chosen destination.

Tolerance for others, for different habits and perspectives, is essential when visiting a country with a different culture.

Cape Verde has its magic, and each island has a unique personality; the same applies to Santo Antao. It is necessary to pay tribute to the kindness of the people, the preservation of nature, and the resilience of their history.

We invite you to join us, to adopt an empathetic observer posture, visualizing habits, respecting customs, and feeling the local population, avoiding as much as possible the imposition of European superiority.

Do we count on you?